Business services

Business opportunities in former Communist Countries may be controversial, from very promising to next to none. Due to many factors such as low ethics, language differences, political maneuvering, etc, it is often difficult for foreign business explorers to have a true picture of the business possibilities. However, in spite of the economic and political situation in these countries there is a huge potential for new markets, which are worth investigating. In order to make the task easier and to cost less, we can provide you any of the following:


- We can investigate the feasibility of starting a particular business here in Moldova. After the investigation is completed you would receive a full detailed report from us.


- Access to local legal advice and consulting


- Competent interpreters


- Assistance with making contacts relevant to your purposes


- Interpretation and access to current opinions on matters of interest to your trip


- Access to office facilities and reliable sources of communication


- Logistic support (including secure transportation, accommodation, visa aid, office space for meetings and seminars and assistance with bureaucratic matters)