Investment Property Management

Rental property can be a profitable investment in Chisinau, Moldova. During the last 3 years apartments as well as construction plot prices have risen up to 50% per year. In 2006 it is expected that the real state prices will grow about 20%. From 2007 Moldova will be a neighbor of the EU (Romania is planned to join EU in 2007). Also from 2007 visas will no longer be needed for tourists coming to Moldova. These are a few of the reasons why you should hurry up and profit from the growing real estate market here.


We can walk you through the whole process: locating the property, buying it and manage the property. With over 6 years of experience of apartment rental managing and marketing, we are the right partner for you in Chisinau. Our knowledge of local real estate market and our marketing power will help you maximize that return on investments.


We offer you the following:



The future market value of your apartment/house depends among other factors on the overall physical condition. We strive to keep rental properties in their best condition to be competitive on the market. To insure this we:



If you are planning to buy investment property or you already have it in Chisinau contact us to see how we can work for you to maximize your ROI.