If you are coming to Moldova and need advise about accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also use our growing online database of apartments, houses and hotels to search and book your preferred option.



 - Apartments


If you are traveling individually, with family or in a small group then this is your best choice. Hotel type apartments (rented on a daily basis) are cheaper then hotels while the comfort level and service provided is very high. Most of the apartments that we rent are in the city center, however we also have apartments in other districts of Chisinau, these are usually cheaper. If you are staying more then 7 days significant discounts may apply. For rents exceeding 1 month fares are much cheaper. View available apartments.



 - Houses


There are many houses that are also available for daily, weekly and monthly basis rent. Houses are available in all districts of Chisinau. They are with a lot of green spaces, garage, at least 2 bedrooms. Many have Jacuzzi, sauna etc. contact us for more information and advise. Houses are the best option for a small group of people or a family as they will turn up much cheaper then hotels. View available houses.



 - Hotels


Hotels are the best option for group tours. We can book rooms at hotels, sometimes even at rates lower then official hotel rates, because we get discounts as travel agents. Most of the hotels offer breakfasts and have restaurants where you can have all the other meals of the day. View hotels.


Aveti un apartament sau o casa de dat in chirie? Contactati-ne la tel. 060-06-06-06 sau la pentru a discuta detaliile.