Rent a mobile internet card

Are you in Chisinau on business and cannot afford to be offline? No internet connection in your apartment or hotel? No problem, you can now rent a mobile internet card (goes into your USB flash drive) and be online anywhere in Chisinau or all of Moldova. The internet card uses the 3G technology allowing fast data transmissions (Download - 7 Mbps, upload - 1 Mbps).

Rates start from $3 per day depending on the number of days you require. When renting an apartment from us for 7 days or more you get a card free to use for your stay.



Rent a cell phone


Moldova uses the GSM system. If you use a different system then this one you are not likely to be able to have a roaming in Moldova. Also this service may be useful for people who don’t want to spend a small fortune talking on the cell phone with their home country when using the roaming service.

Please contact us for more details.